Why Invest?

A few people may stumble into financial security. But for most people, the only way to attain financial security is to save and invest over a long period of time. You just need to have your money work for you. That’s investing.

There are two ways your money can work for you:

  • Your money earns money. Someone pays you to use your money for a period of time. You then get your money back plus “interest.” Or, if you buy stock in a company that pays “dividends” to shareholders, the company pays you a portion of its earnings on a regular basis. Now your money is making an “income.”
  • You buy something with your money that could increase in value. You become an owner of something that you hope increases in value over time. When you need your money back, you sell it, hoping someone else will pay you more for it.

The Best Investment Type?

Are the rising real estate prices sowing seeds of doubt in your mind about the future of your proposed investment in residential property? Do you wonder whether the bubble is set to burst and if it is better to wait for prices to fall a little before taking the plunge?

Given the trend of rising property prices over the last few years, the price of the property you have shortlisted will most likely keep going up as you wait.

Residential real estate has one asset class whose prices have been steadily rising in most markets. Though analysts have been saying the residential property market in locations such as the Delhi-National Capital Region and Mumbai is ripe for a price correction, developers have been able to hold on to prices even as buyers wait for a fall. Given the demand-supply imbalance, the trend is likely to continue and your investment will in all possibility stand you in good stead even when other assets take a beating.

“Don’t let the miracle of long-term compounding of returns be overwhelmed by the tyranny of long-term compounding of costs.”

The Best Place To Invest In Real Estate – Indore!

Super Corridor perched on a 8 KMs long exquisitely beautiful surroundings and ultra modern shaped corridor in Indore is just like an unspoiled child of nature . Super corridor is getting best treatment today for best developed corridor of tomorrow. It has been leveled already a best destination for best quality people like those who are serving IT sector or any other premier sector to live in. The super corridor is full of possibilities equipped with all modern amenities, an 8-lane 225 Ft. wide corridor lane road to drive ,close proximity from the city ,lush green surrounding and away from city’s noise-full and polluted environment.

Many major IT sector giants have already occupied their share of land for their future endeavors in or around the Super Corridor and future of the super corridor is really very promising and rosy. In Indore today’s most wise investment by any investor is in Super corridor area without any doubt. One of the leading software company of India TCS has acquired about 130 Acres of the land at super corridor and they have very ambitious plan for their Indore project. TCS will create a good number of job opportunities in all capacity positions. Another major IT company which is going to establish their campus at super corridor is Infosys with huge investment and huge land acquisition. Infosys already has started their initial work and they have several plans and schemes which will not only create good job and business opportunity but it will boost Indore,s real estate value also.

Symbiosis and Narsee Monjee University already allotted 25-25 acre land for campus and DAVV have allotted 50 acres for medical university.